TOZO Earbuds T6 | Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Earpieces

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  • Smart Touch Control] Specific touch control function makes it more convenient,
  • Tap once to play/pause music and answer calls, double tap to skip forward/backward, hold to adjust the volume.
  • You can easily control it without operating the phone.
  • [BLUETOOTH 5. 0] Adopt the advanced Bluetooth 5. 0 technology.
  • TOZO T6 Support HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, which greatly improve the transmission speed and providing you with a low-latency listening experience.
  • [One step pairing] Pick up 2 headsets from charging case and they will connect each other automatically,
  • Then only one step easily enter mobile phone Bluetooth setting to pair the earbuds.
  • [IPX8 waterproof] Earbuds and charging case inner Nano-coating makes it possible to waterproof for 1 meters deep for 30 minutes. It is suitable for sports to prevent water. Ideal for sweating it out at the gym . Earbuds and case even can be washed by water and soap.
TOZO Earbuds T6 | Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Earpieces
TOZO Earbuds T6 | Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Earpieces


“TOZO Earbuds T6” Listening to music is fun for most people. Having respectable and high-quality earbuds makes them even happier. Unlike headphones, earbuds are best for you who like to walk because they are compressed and will fit your ear well to block incoming noise. This Review will help you a lot.

Currently, earbuds are very popular in the market with different sizes, shapes, designs, and costs. Some earbuds come with a charging page that is used to reset your earbuds when power is low. TOZO Earbuds T6 is one of the earphones you should wish to have.

TOZO Earbuds T6 are cheap and easy to use. The products are compact so you can easily handle them on the go. They are earbuds in the ears that give you a comfortable fit with proper sound separation. These ears are made of many attractive materials. The product looks good and comes with a case where it can be stored whenever it can be used.

What is Hype about TOZO Earbuds T6?

If you look at the earbuds today, you can see that the markets are full of many options. There are a lot of earbuds available in different styles and different sizes. The TOZO T6 is an amazing product as it incorporates a variety of exciting features and makes it available to users at an affordable price.

tozo earbuds t6

The musical experience with TOZO Earbuds T6 is impressive, and it shines brightly in the ears. The ergonomic and earpiece design makes it a comfortable product and ensures that it stays safe in its place. Using these ears is very easy and unobtrusive. You can easily put this case in your pocket and take it wherever you go.

They come equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology and can be quickly deployed with compatible devices without any problems. If you want earbuds that look good and bring good features, this might be a product that is right for you.

Design of TOZO Earbuds T6

The Too T6 is a genuine wireless earbud available in a variety of colors including black, white, and gold. These earbuds have wireless communication with the help of Bluetooth. They have a compact size that is easy to maintain and maintain. In addition, it is also lightweight so you will not feel tired after a long period of use.

Its ergonomic design makes it perfect for your ear. Equilibrium will separate you from the noise from the surrounding areas. TOZO Earbuds T6 is fitted with gel-flexible silicone ear caps to ensure that your headphones are level and comfortable for the ears. These earbuds are cheap which is why many people will be able to buy and feel comfortable.

Comfort Level OF TOZO Earbuds T6

This product comes with three different tips for ears of different sizes (large, medium, and small). This will allow you to select the tip that best suits your ear. These ear tips are made using soft rubber material. The ear tip that comes before the implant happens to fit snugly. They are naturally small and invisible.

These ears are easy to use. They are enabled for more comfortable touches so you can control them with just a touch. In addition, the earbuds are neatly labeled with L and R to indicate which earbud is designed for that ear.

Communication OF TOZO Earbuds T6

The Tozo T6 is a real wireless earbud that works wirelessly with the help of a Bluetooth connection. Works with Bluetooth version 5.0 technology. This allows for faster and more stable communication without interruption. This Bluetooth provides stable communication over a distance of 30 meters. This Bluetooth version supports HSP, A2DP, HFP, and AVRCP. It can also provide stereo sound within phones.

It’s easy to connect and once paired it will connect automatically. In practice, you will need to TOZO Earbuds T6 from the charging box and they will automatically connect. After that, you will enter the Bluetooth settings for your mobile device and pair them with earbuds.

Performance of TOZO Earbuds T6

The Tozo T6 is a true wireless earbud with Hi-FI stereo audio quality. This will give you a natural, powerful bass and true performance. With this, you can listen carefully to all long hours in comfort. The product has a large 6mm speaker. These earbuds are waterproof and are rated with IPX8. Both earbuds and the charging case have an internal Nano-coating that keeps water at a depth of one meter deep for 30 minutes.

The waterproof feature makes it easier to use TOZO Earbuds T6 sports for skiing activities. It is also good to use in the gym where a person sweats. You are also free to clean your ears using water to maintain your hygiene. Additionally, these earbuds are fitted with built-in microphones that will enable a person to make calls without hands.

Battery and charging of TOZO Earbuds T6

These earbuds come with Lithium-ion batteries. The batteries are high quality and have a lifetime of 6 hours of playtime. They come with a charging case that will give you a maximum of 24 hours of playtime.

So if you are in an area without electricity, you need not worry. This charging case is compatible with wireless charging which offers many options. This charger has matte plastic that can hide irritating fingerprints. The charging case has light indicators that will show you the power it has. It is neatly marked on its harbor so you can place the right earbud on the specified harbor.

The charging case can be refilled with the help of a USB cable. The magnets that hold your earbuds inside the disc are also excellent. Make sure there is not enough pressure or vibration to remove your ears.

What’s inside the box of TOZO Earbuds T6

  • A pair of wireless earbuds
  • One USB charging case
  • Eight ear tips (two in earbuds)
  • A quick first step guide
  • One product manual
  • Micro USB charging cable

Build Quality of TOZO Earbuds T6


The TOZO T6 comes with impressive construction quality. Plastic earbuds are dense and have a strong feel. The product may not be damaged if you accidentally throw it away. The earbuds are kept inside the case by magnets. No matter how hard you move or shake the case, the earbuds will stay in place.

Additionally, the charging case incorporates powerful pulses that hold the lid on. You can see a clear click sound every time a case is closed. TOZO Earbuds T6 and cases are rated with IPX8, which shows that they are water-resistant.

Also, Show Lights

Ahead of the trial, you will find four LED lights. These lights indicate the battery or charging status of the earbuds. Other than that, not much is happening here at the show.

Bluetooth technology of TOZO Earbuds T6

TOZO T6 uses the latest version of Bluetooth, Bluetooth 5.0. You can simply connect this to your device through a one-step search process. Bluetooth 5.0 ensures fast and continuous transmission so you can enjoy your music without interruption.

Wireless connections remain stable for up to 30 meters, which is more than is necessary for most people.

Audio Profile of TOZO Earbuds T6

These earbuds have a balanced sound profile. The sound is good and fun, and you won’t fight against conflicting sounds. The treble and mids sound great, making these earbuds popular with a variety of media styles. The range of tones offered by this product is excellent and ensures a seamless listening feeling.

These earbuds have distinct neutrality and are fun in their sound. Some people also search for T10 Airpods.

Bass accuracy of TOZO Earbuds T6

The TOZO T6 uses 6mm smaller drivers, so the bass works less. However, given the price tag, low bass is not surprising. The bass here is shallow and loud as other types may require, but overall sound quality creates a lackluster.

Many brands focus on building earbuds with bass elevations. TOZO Earbuds T6 may not have rich buses but focuses on other aspects of sound, such as clarity and quantity.

Sound Isolation of TOZO Earbuds T6

While the TOZO T6 does not include active audio cancellations like certain premium options, it has a large split noise.

TOZO Earbuds T6 will block any background sound as long as it fits snugly. If you regularly work on or use your earbuds in areas with a lot of background chat, this product will ensure that you are not distracted by such noises.

Earbuds may not be able to block out thunderstorms from buses and airplanes, but they are good enough to withstand high AC noises.

The Final Decision for TOZO Earbuds T6

With so many amazing features and an affordable price tag, the TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds are a steal deal. They are extremely comfortable and can be worn for hours without worrying about how heavy the ears maybe.

The rich and balanced sound quality creates the bass close to the volume provided by these ears. If you wish to carry your earbuds around but often forget to charge them, TOZO Earbuds T6 will be your true savior. The last combined case is doubled as a charger!

You may not find many products on Amazon that produce good quality & noise-canceling earphones at this price point.

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